Monday, May 09, 2005

seventh month pregnant

hey guys sup?
don't get scared from the title.
Today was an interesting day, I felt like the purpose of my day was to heat a chair (which means in hebrew to take up space). from 8:00-18:00. cuz the only thing I accomplished in University was making David a Kippa that spell the letters "zacks" on it. (It was white and blue designed for yom haatzmaut). Interesting comment i got on the yarmulka was my married friend that sat next to me asked why i don't write "taken" on the kippa,(in hebrew we say "tafus")' My first reaction was a constipated face the one that you don't know if you want to throw up or you just smelled someones really bad fart. Like how insecure can married girls get when it comes to their husbands?
Another interesting sociological anthropolgical case i have been aware off for months is the following. There are two girls in my class that I have been suspecting for months that they are pregnant. ( don't worry Arye these girls are married)But what I found interesting about both of them, was that the rest of the girls are aware of their pregnancy looking stomachs and they don't say a word like everyone ignores it. When I confronted my friends the ones that are much closer to one of the pregnant girls (lets call her Hadas) why doesn't she tell them that she is pregnant??? They gave me a nasty face and said " Shany Don't exaggerate you don't say these things..." I was shocked so, Today I got the courage to say something and I went up to my friend while I touched her stomach and said " Hadas be shaa tova" the girl smiled and said thank you with that pink embarrased face, so i asked her in which month is she in? she is now hear this carefully in her SEVENTH month. So i'm thinking What was she waiting for the Ninth month?? or maybe to have the baby and then tell us???
I know it's none of my business and all but like what happened to the good old days that people would tell on an earlier stage?? What are these girls thinking??? Afterwards I asked my mom she said that it's something she also encountered it with her chareidi work friends. (I feel like for a person that investigated jewish folklore for a year in Hebrew University I should write an article or at least a blog about this).
Anyways maybe i'm too demanding but is expecting your friend to tell you she's pregnant a hard thing to do???
(ps I also went to Har Herzl with my mom to see my sister Michal performing and dancing in a general final practice b4 she appears dancing on TV in two nights (the end of yom hazikaron and the beginning of yom haatzmaut)). It was awesome in hebrew we say: " Haya tov ve tov she haya".


Blogger menachem said...

there's no way you know words like sociological anthropolgical. who's really writing this?

and aren't you the one who insists david wear a wedding ring to bar ilan?

5:05 AM  
Blogger Veev said...

Shany, you've never know a pregnant me, but seriously, I would tell you within minutes of finding out myself. Ask Sar.

2:52 PM  
Blogger 2R said...


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Blogger saralala said...

shany dearest i can relate to the girls in your class. i only started telling people in my 8th month...yes thats worse than 7 months. but each to his own. its not ur business. people will tell you when theyre comfortable and until then, its not for you to comment and it should not be your concern. if you know theyre pregnant(i.e. theyre wearing maternity clothing)than why do they have to say it straight out theyre pregnant? its obvious and leave it at that. and if theyre just starting to show a belly but not wearing clothing, then listen, its not your place to speculate out loud and wonder. maybe theyre very newly pregnant and they wouldnt be telling people yet or maybe....guess what...theyre really not pregnant. all in all, ive been on the other side of this and its hurtful to hear people talking behind your back and speculating this way and that. when the freakin girls are ready they'll tell you. makes sense?

10:39 PM  
Blogger chocolate said...

hey' i'm happy to hear that u created a blog name just to comment on my blog. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, in your case i heard the story and i totally understand you, sorry to hear that there some people out there that talk about other peoples lifes. be shaa tova,
p.s don't get pissed off if we only tell you when were inviting you to the brit (or britta).

2:23 PM  

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