Thursday, September 08, 2005


HEY guys what's up? how's life? no time no blog. So we have been a bit crazy busy with packing our house and by we i mean I. sorry Shnuggles I had to say the truth/ It's amazing how much stuff we have and to think that i only came into this apartment with only two suitcases of stuff/ The boxes never end. Anyways lot of stuff happened this week' we threw out all of my cosmo's it took a lot but we read all the articles 700million times over and over. So i hope I did the right thing. although here and there when I enter our empty bathroom, I do miss those magazines/I realized that next week is gonna be crazy but hey how often do you move out , go to a wedding and fly all in the same day??? Anyways kfc tonight was awesome, we got my friend yael to drive us although she was having a competitive discussion with me about what we got for the wedding and how they got so much more. she was very upset that people regifted her their wedding gifts; which if you ask me is totally cool I don't care/ And then I'm like yael I promise you the blender we got you wasn't regifted, so she said it's ok i know, U LEFT THE PRICE TAG ON??? FADICHA...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


hey guys. wow I haven't posted a message in years/ Anyways I'm so nervous I have a test today/ Well, actually I have tests all month and the first one starts today/ I'm so nervous that i woke up very early today 7:00 on a sunday morning and I'm going crazy/ I need something too calm me down. ok too hyper can't sit/ wish me luck... oh btw my David woke up at six to go protesting on the bridges for "students againts diesengagement"/ I never so him waking up for something so early in my life... But at least I'm happy he's an Ideologist.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i only drink H20

Hey guys what's up? long time no blog. Anyways just wanted to say that I don't understand why some people can't just drink water??? why do they have to have everu day another drink??? hint hint David get used to drinking water' it's healthy for your body and teeth. I love you.
p.s don't bite candy, suck it.

Monday, May 09, 2005

seventh month pregnant

hey guys sup?
don't get scared from the title.
Today was an interesting day, I felt like the purpose of my day was to heat a chair (which means in hebrew to take up space). from 8:00-18:00. cuz the only thing I accomplished in University was making David a Kippa that spell the letters "zacks" on it. (It was white and blue designed for yom haatzmaut). Interesting comment i got on the yarmulka was my married friend that sat next to me asked why i don't write "taken" on the kippa,(in hebrew we say "tafus")' My first reaction was a constipated face the one that you don't know if you want to throw up or you just smelled someones really bad fart. Like how insecure can married girls get when it comes to their husbands?
Another interesting sociological anthropolgical case i have been aware off for months is the following. There are two girls in my class that I have been suspecting for months that they are pregnant. ( don't worry Arye these girls are married)But what I found interesting about both of them, was that the rest of the girls are aware of their pregnancy looking stomachs and they don't say a word like everyone ignores it. When I confronted my friends the ones that are much closer to one of the pregnant girls (lets call her Hadas) why doesn't she tell them that she is pregnant??? They gave me a nasty face and said " Shany Don't exaggerate you don't say these things..." I was shocked so, Today I got the courage to say something and I went up to my friend while I touched her stomach and said " Hadas be shaa tova" the girl smiled and said thank you with that pink embarrased face, so i asked her in which month is she in? she is now hear this carefully in her SEVENTH month. So i'm thinking What was she waiting for the Ninth month?? or maybe to have the baby and then tell us???
I know it's none of my business and all but like what happened to the good old days that people would tell on an earlier stage?? What are these girls thinking??? Afterwards I asked my mom she said that it's something she also encountered it with her chareidi work friends. (I feel like for a person that investigated jewish folklore for a year in Hebrew University I should write an article or at least a blog about this).
Anyways maybe i'm too demanding but is expecting your friend to tell you she's pregnant a hard thing to do???
(ps I also went to Har Herzl with my mom to see my sister Michal performing and dancing in a general final practice b4 she appears dancing on TV in two nights (the end of yom hazikaron and the beginning of yom haatzmaut)). It was awesome in hebrew we say: " Haya tov ve tov she haya".

Thursday, May 05, 2005

David doesn't believe in "Yom Hashoa"

Hey Guys,
I can't believe i'm actually writing... I guess that maybe it's cuz today i noticed was 05\05\05 which i thought was very cool. (actually it was yesterday). Anyways I got so excited about it until my chareidi school friends gave me a whole lecture about how we have to say the hebrew date and if your gonna use the english date then you should say "leminyanam" which means to their count... bla bla bla
So after that i called to remind David to stand up during the siren because I was really afraid he wasn't, cuz he had this whole argument with my parents about how he isn't gonna stand and how he wants to be like the charaidis that don't stand... Point being my parents were very hurt cuz they were taking David seriously so my Mom got really into it. She was trying to explain how it's not respectful not to stand, and if he's gonna be like that ,then he shouldn't take money from the goverment. Which has been an argument for years in Israel. It's insurance money that everyone gets (even chareidis that don't stand).
So my whole time standing in silence I was wondering if David is Standing or not. Then my class had a meeting with the Professor incharge of Accounting in Machon Lev and Machon Tal ( where I learn). I was saying that I am very pro finishing the degree in 3 Years instead of 4 years but most of the girls were saying that they really don't want to have summer school cuz they prefer working, which i understand cuz some girls pay for their school. But I want to finish it as soon as possible, but I don't think it's gonna happen, not that I have a bad time (like whatever I got used to the girls ,and the small place and the baalot tshuva "Israeli Neve" girls that dress hot and sexy but then they lecture me on how I should answer Amen to their bracha.but still the girls love me and the russian girls admire me cuz they think i'm hysterical, (i just think they don't get my jokes)).
Anyways my best friend Leora told me that we should definitely go to "yad va shem" and how her and Rafi her love (her hubby) had an amazing fun. Me being such a holocaust fan, I felt like I really wanted to go plus it was free, Meantime my bugjo (i call David that sometimes) really denies the Holocaust and I feel like In Israel we absorb the holocaust much stronger since first grade, each "Yom Hashoa" there are holocaust movies that americans don't even know off, they only know of "Shcindlers List"...
So then I went to the supermarket, I thought giving my Bugjo time to think about going with me to "Yad va Shem" so I went to get my free ice cream because i called and complained to "Nestle" on how their "Crunch" ice cream didn't have chocolate inside like the picture on the wrapper. Since I am a type of person that never complains but then I said what the hell I want to see if they take me seriously they sent me a letter that i Can go to any Supermarket and get 4 "Crunch" ice creams which didn't have chocolate inside either but these ones weren't supposed to have chocolate inside. afterwards I came back and David still didn't want to go so I just fell asleep. Then Duv wanted to make me feel good, so we went out to get Sushi which really made my day even though i ate it at 21:00 even though I promised myself I won't want to eat after 18:00. ( That didn't happen so far).
Anyways my friend works in "Cream and Dream" this new ice cream place that all the "seminary girls" hang out. like oh my gosh.... so she ended up giving us her free ice cream of the day cuz she wasn't in the mood of eating it we chose "mint chocolate" . But i feel like it's cuz I always invite my friend from school over to eat, and chill here. (sometimes I also blow dry their hairs too).
So anyways i read everyones blogs which really made me in the mood.
I love ya'all